Jeff Bass Design & Development


Karisimbi Business Partners

Karisimbi Business Partners website on multiple devices

I had a lot of fun working with Rwanda-based management consultancy Karisimbi Business Partners on a site redesign. They wanted to be able to edit their own content with more custom functionality than would be available with a Squarespace site, so WordPress was the way to go. I took a premium theme from Pixity and built an extensive child theme that met the client’s specifications.

With the back-end user in mind, I selected a theme that used the WPBakery layout constructor plugin. I put together a small library of templates for custom post types as well as page elements that would be used frequently, to make it as straightforward as possible for the client to edit the site. This project also gave me more experience dealing with the Wordpress customizer API and creating custom sidebars and page templates for an existing theme.

I was challenged to create a banner advertising an upcoming event that would be eye-catching but not too disruptive. I ended up building a triangular banner in the corner of the screen that included an animated countdown clock.

Motion Printshop

Motion Printshop responsive displays

I built a custom WordPress theme for Seattle screen-printing company Motion Printshop. They needed a site redesign with an interactive calculator so customers could get an estimate on their possible printing projects.

I used jQuery to build two price-estimate calculators so users could choose quantity, style, and add-ons to get an estimate on their printing projects.

Until this project, I had done all of the designing myself, but this time I was working with the company’s in-house designer. I became a better collaborator through the process of receiving assets and implementing them effectively.

Belló Trailers

Belló Trailers responsive displays

I was contacted about building a one-page “elevator pitch” style site for an entrepreneur based in Missoula, Montana. His company, Belló Trailers, builds custom utility trailers, and I used this opportunity to dive deeper into SEO, as I knew that would be of great value to a small business owner.

I built a custom image carousel using JavaScript that enables the user to see the product from all angles as well as take a look inside. This broadened my knowledge of JS, specifically of drag and zoom functions.

The client requested image processing on a number of product photos, so I was challenged to become more efficient and thorough in Photoshop.


IntechRx responsive displays

My first WordPress theme built from the ground up, the IntechRx website was quite a challenge. Until this point, I had only customized existing themes with CSS, so this was a considerable step forward. However, I am very happy with the finished product.

The client requested image tiles that would flip over and reveal more information, so I had to sharpen my JavaScript skills. Until this project, I had only played with JS in online classes, so it was exciting to use that knowledge on a real-world project.

I was tasked with finding suitable stock photography for this site, so I became a lot more familiar with the various resources available, as well as the best practices for image optimization.